Open for entries

 The inaugural Dead Cat Poetry Prize is now open for entries

We are thrilled to launch, on the eve of the Winter Solstice 2020, the first ever Dead Cat Poetry Prize.

Please submit your poems about mortal felines and their immortal souls in accordance with the rules. The curious will find FAQs here.

The deadline for entries is March 17 2021; the Saint's Day of Gertrude of Nivelles.

Winning entries will be published on this website on April 28 2021. In addition to publication, the prizes are:

First prize - £25
Second prize - £10
Third prize - £5

The entry fee is £2.75 per poem submitted.

The 2021 contest will be judged by Koshka von Katze, Orlando, and Felix Bodminmoor.

The Dead Cat Poetry Prize was founded by Koshka von Katze, Felix Bodminmoor and Mimi le Mew.


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